About Us

Rhythm & Roots is our home, located in Akron Ohio. We have changed our lifestyles to pursue the raising of plants and animals in the way they were originally designed to be grown, on real healthy grass pasture and without the use of chemicals.

Growing our food this way has brought so many benefits to us both physically and emotionally. So much so, that we would like to bring this joy and food to others. We are still very small, but are enjoying the process of expanding into a new rhythm of each day and season, and growing new and joyful roots and habits where we are at. 

We are a family of five with three children ages 1-5. It has been a joy to have the kids help around the farm and see how they learn. Each and every day holds a new lesson as their minds expand beyond what we think is possible. We try to learn from our kids in this way, as the older we get the less we absorb from the things around us.

We currently have Goats, Chickens, Turkeys, and Pigs on the farm and we plan to add Ducks, Sheep, and maybe Bees next year!  We thank you for your support as we go through this adventure of life. We truly hope you enjoy what we produce here.