Chicken Bundle
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Chicken Bundle

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These birds spend their time on pastures, foraging for bugs, seeds and grasses — making them supremely flavorful and healthy. Never treated with any hormones or antibiotics

Compared to conventional chicken, pastured chicken has 21% less fat 50% more vitamin A and 3 times more Omega 3

*Size and quantity of cuts may vary. But you will always get the weight listed or more.

*If an item is out of stock it may be replaced with a similar cut of chicken

10lb Bundle Includes:
4-6 breasts
4-6 thighs
4-6 drumsticks
1 broth pack

25lb Bundle Includes:
~16 wings
8-12 breasts
8-12 thighs
8-12 drumsticks
2-3 broth packs
4 variety chicken sausages (1 lb. each)

3 ground chicken (1 lb. each)

50lb Bundle Includes:
~26 wings
18-24 breasts
18-24 thighs
18-24 drumsticks
3-5 broth packs
3-4 Whole Chickens

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